Atlanta Kinksters

Nude at Piedmont Park

Um not really legal.  But that didn't stop one of the local councilmen from showing off what he had.


The #1 swingers club in the nation, is hailed by couples and singles as the sexiest venue of its kind. Dozens of swingers clubs have tried to emulate us but none have been successful. Trapeze is not only incredibly erotic and sexually authentic, we insist upon the highest standards in everything we do. Our parties are renowned for being fun and flirty, while still mysterious and exciting, which means we attract only the highest quality of swingers.


The Eagle

The Eagle’s history began like so many others, in 1985 the writing was on the walls for the Texas Drilling Company. The neighborhood had changed from gay biker bars to frat boy hang outs. The place was closed and a new location was found. 1987 the doors opened at 306 Ponce de Leon, Renegade’s Bar and Grille. Too bad it did not work out. So with black paint cans in hand, it closed. Then it was reopened as the Atlanta Eagle. Good times! But they were not to last. After the first owner lost his battle to a foe that has taken too many, his family took over. They did their best, but The Eagle was nearing an end. Enter Richard and Robby. They purchased the bar and returned it to its old glory.

Atlanta Derby
Think Kentucky Derby meets Comicon.  Beautiful men and women not only dressed as ponies but transported to some far off place deep within their soul where they actually become ponies.  Not into dressing up as a pony. No worries. They have a never ending supply of Mint Julips. You can bet on the horses. (Not really.  They bet with play money.) So put on your best derby hat. Prepare a picnic spread. Find a shady spot and spend the afternoon with one of the most unique events you will ever see.



Keep it local. Liberator is a local manufacturer, retailer, and online retailer of kinky and erotic furniture, toys and novelty items.  They also host a series of classes and product demonstrations that can be quite entertaining.  Located on the north side of town they are well worth the trip.  And keep an eye out for their classes which are a great way to meet like minded people.


Lips truly offers something for everyone, whether you are looking for a rip-roaring time, a quality meal or a place to entertain out of town guests.  At Lips they do their best to shock you and your guests into laughter and applause.

The Lips show palace has been a New York staple for two decades and an Atlanta favorite since September  2013. With a full stage show, disco lighting and club sound system Lips Atlanta show palace was designed by world-class club designer Brenda Starr.  Lips has been reviewed as "Ken and Barbie's Dream-house on acid."

Come and join us in our  glitzy surroundings for a night out with  friends or a grand birthday or bachelorette celebration.

With world class, fabulous queens like Atlanta's Bitch of the South, Mr. Charlie Brown,  over the top Monica Van Pelt, Mother Superior Bubba D.Licious, Katie Cakes Taylor, Nicole Luv Dupree and Edie Cheezburger, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable night and good time as you enjoy "The Ultimate in Drag Dining."


Burkhart’s has proudly served the Atlanta GLBT community for over twenty years. We offer a wide variety of options for our patrons including delicious meals prepared by our top Chef, a relaxing evening with friends at the bar, taking in a live show on our main stage, a lively game of pool, or lounging on our beautiful back patio. At Burkhart’s you will discover a friendly, warm and embracing atmosphere to be yourself and have a wonderful time with friends – new and old! Whether it’s your first time or if you are a long time customer, you will always be welcome at Burkhart’s – YOUR neighborhood bar.


Clermont Lounge
The world famous Clermont Lounge is one of the most unique dive bars you will ever visit known for shall we say rather mature nude dancers.  Not really a strip club but a unique expression of souther kink. The Clermont is consistently ranked one of the coolest dive bars in the world.


Frolicon may be one of the best BDSM converences in the country.  It is by far the best conference in the SouthEast.  Once a year people from all over the world converge on Atlanta for a four day party known as Frolicon.  It started many years ago as a comic conference but for at least the past 20 years it has been the flagship of the BDSM community in Atlanta Georgia.

They meet in Atlanta on Easter weekend each year.  I highly recommend that you stay onsite at the hotel, and to do that you MUST plan ahead and make reservations at least 4 months in advance. Activities start on Thursday afternoon and conclude some time Sunday afternoon.  If you are new to the community map out your class schedule carefully as there will often be 2 or 3 overlapping classes for your interests. The good news that within one weekend you can supercharge your BDSM knowledge.


But most of the people come for the fun.  It is a non-stop kinky party. Keep an ear to the ground for the various private parties and try to secure an invitation. If you do nothing else this year plan to attend Frolicon.


Nouveau is a group of individuals dedicated to helping people new to the Atlanta community have a great first year.  So whether you are new to the lifestyle or just new to Atlanta, Nouveau is a great place to start.  Nouveau maintains a list of recommended reading to help you quick start your kinky journey.  They also host dinners, and vanilla type events around the city.  It is really hard to meet good people at a dungeon or play space.  Nouveau provides casual settings to bring new kinksters together.


1763 is one of the largest commercial BDSM clubs in the country.  1763 is also the street address for the club.  The club is registered as a private club and a bed and breakfast.  The club has a reputation as a safe fun place to experience BDSM activities. Over the past 13 years they have provided a great place to watch, play and explore your BDSM fantasies.  The club is open almost every Saturday night. Check their calendar.  Some events are not open to everyone.. Visit their website for directions and event schedule.


The club is a very safe place.  Dungeon Monitors keep a watchful eye over all the activities at the club.  For your first night try to be there right on time.  Ask for Teri or any of the Dungeon Monitors and tell them it is your first time.  They will show you around and likely introduce you to several other people at the club.


The Loft

A unique club for swingers. There are many places to make out, play in the dungeon, or just hang out on the back porch or bar.  The location is on a secluded dead end street so getting into and out of the club can be a bit scary but well worth the trip

Paradise Valley

Welcome to Paradise Valley Resort & Club. Founded in 1976 as a Sun Club for a small group of friends. In 1978 the Valley officially opened as Hidden Valley Resort, a nudist campground for Atlanta area couples and singles looking for a place to explore nature in the nude. In 2003, Paradise Valley Resort was purchased by the owners of Paradise Lakes in Florida and transformed into Georgia's premier Clothing Optional Resort.


Is goth your thing. You should check out the very unique club.

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