Kink 101


You must consider your safety in this journey.  You are going to be exploring some dramatic topics and concepts. There is a way to manage your safety still be active and involved in the community. Use common sense.  Attend public events like club 1763, kink friendly dinners, and conferences. Until you have experience avoid attending events in private homes or in remote settings.

When you meet someone online it is best to follow up with a meeting at one of the many kinky events in Atlanta in public settings.  There are many online that never want to meet at public events.  Stay away from these types of people at first.

How to act

Just be polite. When you start attending you will see situations and things you have never encountered before.  In general when watching a scene you should maintain a respectable distance. Remember it is kind of like watching a movie so keep conversation to a minimum. Avoid loud noises, and laughter which may interrupt the scene.

It is ok to watch but not a good idea to stare or gawk.  Find a place out of the way and observe.


The foundation of everything in the lifestyle is based on consent. Your Consent. If you are not comfortable you have the right and obligation to say NO or STOP.  In kink friendly settings there will be many people that will support your expression of consent.  This includes the right to be free from manipulation, intimidation, and cohesion. You should never feel pressured to do something you are not ready to experience.  If any one tries to dominate you or bully you against your will it is always your right to say NO.


If you find yourself in an environment where your consent is not valued leave immediately.


What to wear? When in doubt wear black

At dinners and lectures casual dress is usually recommended. At a BDSM club or play party fetish wear is always a plus.  But don't worry to start with consider one of the following choices for your first night out:


  • Black cocktail dress and dress shoes

  • Black collared dress shirt, slacks, and nice shoes

  • Black t-shirt, sports jacket, nice blue jeans and nice shoes

  • Nice blouse and black skirt


For your first night out avoid bright colors, white, and extremely casual wear.  Do not wear flip flops, shorts, tank tops, t-shirts with advertising, cut offs, ragged or poorly maintained clothes.

When in doubt wear black.

Top 25 terms you should know

Undoubtedly you will encounter many new terms but we have created a short list of "The Top 25 Terms" you need to know.  This quick read should boost your vocabulary so that you can begin to carry on a conversation with those you meet.

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