Where do you start?


Nouveau has put together a series of short articles to help anyone get a fast start on what is required to have a safe and effective year one journey into a kinky lifestyle.

Nouveau Year One Safety Guide - A brief overview of the basics to consider when starting your kinky journey.

Nouveau Recommended Scenes - Thinking about your first kinky scene.  How do you design a great scene.  Nouveau has created several ideas that are safe and demonstrate the power exchange example.

Nouveau Top 25 Lifestyle Terms - Tired of not knowing what everyone is talking about. Nouveau has created a list of terms and their definition for some of the basic terms we use in the community.

Nouveau Trusted People - As we lead Nouveau we meet some of the greatest people in the community.  Many of those want to "pay it forward." They are people just like you. 1-5 years ago they started their journey.  They are a wealth of knowledge and advice.

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