Don't dress like a nerd

Top 5 reasons why people do NOT attend their first kinky event

5. I am afraid I will run into someone I know.

Depending on your occupation and family this may or may not be as large a risk as you think. Just remember that if it does happen they are likely to feel just as awkward as you do. Be discrete and polite. In 35 years this has happened twice for me. In both cases we both remained silent about our meeting.  Today's culture is much more accepting as long as you use discretion.


4. I don't want to attend alone.

This is natural. If you do not know other Atlanta Kinksters then start attending kink friendly dinners, and lectures.  Meet people in these settings and then schedule an outing to a local dungeon with one of your new Atlanta Kinksters.

3. Fear of the unknown.

This is natural but if you are like us you have had these kinky fantasies a long time.  You are at the beginning of a new journey. What has been only in your head all these years can be shared with others. Step out and meet others like you.

2. I don't know what to wear?
When in doubt just wear black. Lunches and dinners in public settings usually expect everyone to dress in normal street clothes.  When attending a BDSM Atlanta event if there is any doubt just wear black; a black dress, or a black dress shirt is a safe way to dress for your first kinky outing. Avoid casual attire like shorts, sandals, tank tops and other casual wear. If fetish wear is required the venue will clearly say what is expected. Later you can spend hundreds on a new wardrobe.

1. I am afraid I will do something or say something wrong.

Be polite. You are a guest and someone else's house. Do your homework. Read "Kink 101", "How not to screw up your first year." and Nouveau's Dictionary of "Top 25 Terms You need to Know." Most Atlanta Kinksters remember what it is like to attend their first meeting.  If however you run into someone that want's to ridicule you or shame you just smile and walk away. Even after years in the community you should never feel ridicule or judgment when politely participating in any BDSM Atlanta event. All Nouveau events are designed for the new person.  There are no dumb questions or comments at Nouveau.

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