# 47 Never do power exchange on the first date. But if you do, play in a public space like a commercial dungeon.


# 9 Develop a digital avitar complete with nick name, email, Google phone number, and limited images that protect your identity until you are ready to reveal your identity to another person.

#1 Do unto others as you would have done to you.

What Atlanta Kinksters do for fun?

Where do you go in Atlanta if you are looking for kinky fun?

Don't dress like a nerd

How to overcome the top 5 reasons people find it difficult to attend their first kinky event. read more


Nouveau needs your help

We are looking for a WebMaster to volunteer 1-4 hours a week to help Nouveau with our website and social medial.  If interested:

BDSM Atlanta this Spring

Where to go to get spanked, tickled and tied up...

Nouveau | Field Trip | Chill Tent @ ATL PRIDE


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Something Different

Bocci Ball - Skating - Movie Night - Night Club - Hiking - Dancing - Open Art Studio - Book Club


Anything but sitting down at a restaurant for another dinner. Join the Nouveau Group and never miss an invitation to one of these unique outings.  , 

Decatur Dinner

Once a month those that are new to the community or just curious meet at Athens Pizza.  It is a very laid back event.  We meet at a large table in the back of the main dining area.  By design it is a public, open, safe place to meet others like you.

During the evening the leaders get up and move around to encourage everyone to meet other people. So feel free to mingle or sit quietly and wait for others to come by and say hi.

New on New

We are new too. No question is too dumb? This is a unique conversation led by those that are less than 3 years in the community. They have made the same choices you are making to find other kinksters.


We call ourselves Sophomore Shop. We meed once a month at a Tavern in Brookhaven.

What to do this Spring?

Illumiknotty - All things rope that meets on the 1st Thursday and 3rd Saturday of every month.

Whippersnappers . . . New and under 40 this is a great place to meet others under 40

Frolicon - The single most important weekend of the year in the Atlanta kinky calendar.  In four days you can learn more and meet so many great people. May 17-20

1763 - Commercial Club every Saturday night


Hard Limit

[hard lɪmət] Noun.
An activity or concept that a person will not consent to or engage in.


I do not consent to wearing a ball gag.  It is a hard limit, said the submissive.


Want to learn more visit Nouveau's top 25 terms you should know.
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